The pressure is on in Highett as confidence increases

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

How's The Market - Highett - 07/06/2020

🏠 5 new properties entered the Highett market this week, with 2 recorded sales for the suburb.

New Property on the market

3/1137 Nepean Highway, Highett - Villa Unit

104/35 Tennyson Street, Highett - Apartment

32/15-19 Graham Road, Highett - Villa Unit

1 James Avenue, Highett - Development Site/P&P

1/53a Tibrockney Street, Highett - Multi-Townhome

Sales In Highett

14 Mcfarlane Court, Highett - Full Block House/Un-Reno- $undisc

1/9 Tennyson Street, Highett - Single Level Townhome - $undisc

⚡️As we begin to set sail for the post-COVID market, government restrictions start to ease, sellers are researching their options and newfound confidence emerges from buyers in an already undersupplied market. These are exciting times for those seeking to make the most of the unique 2020 property market. has just released statistics indicating a surge in what they are calling "High intent buyer activity."

These High intent buyers are identified as more frequently visiting the online portals, enquiring more often as well as sharing and saving a shortlist of homes.

This data indicates a near 90% increase of high intent activity in Victoria since mid-April, which is very much in line with our experience in Highett.

We have observed the rising number of people connecting with us in the final stages of their purchasing decision as opposed to the past market where we met a greater amount of families who were on a 3-6 month purchasing journey. A good portion of buyers in this market are financially approved, deposit secured and ready to buy when the opportunity presents.

This increase has meant we are now receiving offers within the first 7-14 days from launch as opposed our previous 21-day average.

In summary this week, we are undoubtedly pointing in the direction of a market soon to be abundant with homes for sale, there is no telling at this stage if we are 4 weeks or 4 months away from this shift, however, what we know is the current market is wide open with opportunity, prices in Highett are holding strong and those seeking to maximise their results in this market are in a position to do so safely and strategically.

🌞 I hope this has been a valuable addition to your week, feel welcome to write back to me if you have any questions. Have a relaxing Sunday and I look forward to seeing you out and about in the community!

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