Whenever I have found myself in a position where I am looking to appoint the skills of a professional or even if I am considering an important purchase, I'm the type of individual who likes to get to know the "who and why". 

And I am pretty confident that I'm not alone here?

I thought rather than do the usual resume type of thing and tell you all about our business statistics, past sales and testimonials (because I know those are easy to find, click here).


I would rather tell you a little bit about who I am, why I get up each day and why I love what I do.

In 2019 I married the most amazing woman, my best friend, and my true counterpart. (We got married in an old truck mechanics warehouse now known as Big Pig Little Pig in Moorabbin, best decision we've made!

There are many special people in my life but very few of them are quite as important as these three (Bre, Teddy and Ginny)!

Iv learned that life is short, so be proud of yourself and shower with love the people who add a cherry to your sundae and make every day better than the last!

My wife and I love to travel and we have seen some of the world's most amazing places and none of them makes us feel the way we do here in our own home. We are Bayside locals for life!

Over the years I have tried my hand at a good assortment of amazing careers, however, none of them captured my interest and excited me quite like real estate.

I was lucky enough to be able to join the only company in the country who I truly know shares my view on the world and that is here at McGrath.

I used to have a beard, which I loved! Super hipster of me! I didn't have any good photos of it so here is a photoshop mockup so you get the gist! Not bad.....

The summary

So in summary, as you can probably tell, I'm a pretty lucky man. I am surrounded by an amazingly supportive family at home and at work, I am a respected member of an incredible team of like-minded community members.


If we get a chance to meet (which I hope we do) you will find, I am a straight shooter. I work incredibly hard to improve the life that my family and I share together and in the process, I help my fellow community members achieve their real estate goals, it's a classic win-win.

I think what I am trying to say is, I love what I do and I'm proud to say I've worked my backside off to be good at it as well, but don't think I'm stopping there. Each day brings new challenges that I wholeheartedly embrace head-on and I meant what I said before, I really do hope we get to meet.

Until then, don't be a stranger and I hope to see you out and about in the community soon.

All the best